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Preparato – Piano by Xperimenta

“After 2 years of work, we are really excited to announce PREPARATO Piano, the first library of the Preparato Series recorded in a beautiful church in the center of Rome.

“Preparing” an instrument is an experimental technique based on placing objects on top of the strings. It was first launched by the knowed composer John Cage. Flavio and Filippo, the minds behind this project, followed the idea of searching, new sounds from the most interesting acoustic sources.

PREPARATO is not just a prepared piano library; thanks to the “Acoustic Modular Instrument” engine based on a multi-layering system, PREPARATO allows you to have an incredible control over the acoustic source, with endless possibilities of combination.

The use of both acoustic sampling and creative modular software bring to PREPARATO the feel and power of a real synth, designed to meet the endless intricacies of a musician’s mind.

for Kontakt Full 5.5 or higher