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Soundiron Kontakt Player Bundle

The Kontakt Player Bundle is a collection of 13 premium Soundiron virtual instrument libraries that have been specially encoded by Native Instruments for the Kontakt Player, Komplete Kontrol and NKS platform. This stellar collection includes Ambius Prime, Antidrum Machine, Apocalypse Percussion Elements, Elysium Harp, Emotional Piano, Glitch Hero, Mercury Boys’ Choir Elements, Motor Rhythms, Olympus Choir Elements, Requiem Light Symphonic Choir, Voices Of Gaia, Voices Of Rage and Voices Of Rapture. You’ll find hundreds of intuitively playable Kontakt instrument presets with advanced features and brilliant sound quality. And check out screenshots of some of the custom Kontakt interfaces, providing a variety of automation-ready sound shaping controls.

This bundle brings it all to you in a single package at an insane discount, with a combined value of $1857 (Save 67%!!). With 115,097 samples, 79 GB installed (129 GB losslessly compressed) and 535 nki presets for Kontakt Player, this compendium has an incredible range of content and features to supercharge your creativity. Purchasing this collection qualifies you for big upgrade deals on our full Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, Mercury Symphonic Boys’ Choir and Olympus Symphonic Choir Collection as well. And owners of any of the individual libraries in this collection can also Contact Us for a personalized quote on an discounted upgrade to the full bundle.