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Joël Dollié

Joël Dollié is a zealous sound engineer who has been in love with music since he was 7. Growing up in Cournonsec, a small town of 3000 inhabitants in France, Joël never envisaged fine-tuning music for Hollywood blockbusters; until he did. Joel has mixed and mastered numerous tracks for Cavalry music, the company which has produced trailer music for movies like Venom, It, Dunkirk and Logan. He has also repeatedly collaborated with Daniel Beijbom, the trailer music composer for Star Wars, Spiderman and other franchises. Joël excels the most in concocting orchestral masterpieces. He mixed and mastered the Mozart symphonies 40 and 41, for the Danube Symphony Orchestra, which were conducted by the great Gavin Fraser. Joël first started tinkering with music at the age of 15, after discovering his innate talent for trailer and orchestral music composition. Soon he realized that in order to truly bring the best out of his music, he would need to mix and master. That’s when he started religiously studying connoisseurs like Alan Meyerson, Tony Maserati and Dave Pensado. After understanding the underlying science and learning how the greats do it, Joël started developing his own (sometimes unconventional) techniques to mix music. Joël recognizes just how gradual (and tiring) the process of becoming a well-educated sound engineer can be.

In order to help change that, he wrote an Amazon-distributed book named “Mixing Modern Orchestral Music”. The book talks about modern ways of processing contemporary orchestral music. It also covers various mixing concepts and methodologies, that can catalyze the learning process for aspiring sound engineers. For the same purpose of educating the novices, he decided to create a comprehensive course about orchestral and trailer music mixing.

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