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Valuable prizes

We work together with our sponsors to provide the best and most useful prizes to our winners.

1st place: Ethno World 6 Complete from Best Service, Symphobia 4: Pandora from Project SAM, the Kontakt Player Bundle from Soundiron, and Lyrical Bundle from Sonuscore

2nd place: Chris Hein Ensemble Strings from Best Service, Symphobia 2 from Project SAM, Hyperion Brass Elements from Soundiron, and a Lyrical product of choice from Sonuscore

3rd place: Elysion 2 from Best Service, Olympus Choir Elements by Soundiron, Colours: Adaptive Runs by Project SAM, and a RO•KI – Electric Piano from Sonuscore

4th place: Forest Kingdom 3 by Best Service, Mountain Dulcimer by Embertone

5th place: Joshua Bell Violin Essential by Embertone, Shan Bawu by Embertone

TOP 100 place: will get a personal short feedback from our jury.

101. place and up: will know their exact ranking.

TOP 100 place: will get a personal short feedback from our jury.

101. place and up: will know their exact ranking.

Special chance for each contestant!

If you register and send in your entry for Score The World 3 contest,
you’ll have the chance to win from Cinematic Composing
a one year-subscription access to all Membership courses!

FIVE courses will be drawn at random from all entries received!
No matter how you’ll rank in the end, you’ll have the same chance as your fellow contestants.
Best of luck!