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One year Cinematic Composing Membership

Special chance for each contestant!

If you register and send in your entry for Score The World 4 contest,
you’ll have the chance to win from Cinematic Composing
a one year-subscription access to all Membership courses!

FIVE courses will be drawn at random from all entries received!
No matter how you’ll rank in the end, you’ll have the same chance as your fellow contestants.
Best of luck!

Industry developed courses in a brand new easy-to-follow platform. Comprehensive lesson pathways to master the skills you need. Taught by Industry Professionals In a dynamic, supportive, world-wide community campus.

Cinematic Composing Membership gives you access to more than 500 hours of content.

The Cinematic Composing Courses are organized in comprehensive learning pathways so you can get all the resources and knowledge you need no matter where you are in your journey. Everything on a brand-new online learning platform.