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Ultimate Composition and Production Course: “I’M A COMPOSER” by Cinematic Composing

Special chance for each contestant!

If you register and send in your entry for Score The World 3 contest,
you’ll have the chance to win from Cinematic Composing
a one year-subscription access to all Membership courses!

FIVE courses will be drawn at random from all entries received!
No matter how you’ll rank in the end, you’ll have the same chance as your fellow contestants.
Best of luck!

This program covers everything from the very basics of what gear and libraries to buy and how to use them, to advanced composition techniques, a full composing workflow, how to compose in different styles, and how to land clients! The curriculum currently consists of over 100+ training videos and musical examples (20+ hours), 30 modern transcribed and reduced scores, and new content every month to keep the learning relevant and up-to-date.
  • What kind of composer gear should I buy?
  • How do I technically use my gear?
  • What is my composing workflow flow?
  • How do I make my music sound cinematic?
  • How do I use Harmony to tell a story?
  • How do I compose a soundtrack from beginning to end?
  • How do I find clients and make money?
  • How do I make my music work for me?


How do I compose a Positive Emotions cue?


How do I compose a Negative Emotions cue?


How do I create tension?


How do I compose an intense action cue?


How do I compose music that sounds magical?


How do I compose music to introduce a Hero?


How do I compose a humorous cue?


How do I make music for commercials?


How do I create an orchestral epic action cue?

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