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Tom Kovacs

Tom Kovacs is a Hungarian musical storyteller, who loves engaging stories in any media. He is
an international music composer for Film and TV, music producer, guitar player, and singer with
multi-genre experience from rock, through lo-fi to classical music. He started making music 23
years ago, a couple of years later his songs were played on MTV and the biggest national radios
of Hungary.
Credits: Tom started on the pages of Metalhammer…yes. He took a long break from making
music professionally after becoming a performer in his home country, but after being mentored
by Hollywood composers like Christopher Young, Dirk Ehlert, Matt Fisher and Javier Navarrete
in 2022, he scored several films in Mexico and in the US, made custom tracks for Disney and
Paramount, he is constantly composing, arranging and mixing for premium music libraries in the
United States, and he is signed for several upcoming feature films.