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Finding our next material

Let me introduce our initiative and what we have achieved so far. In 2019 we built STW from the ground up to provide a great competition for composers, focused on education and feedback, through which they can grow. On top, we imagined a community uniting composers for social/environmental issues.

In early 2020, we held our first event with 300 participants. 50% of all our profits went to Amazon Watch and we’ve put hundreds of hours in giving actionable feedback to all contestants to offer real value. The material for this contest was an award-winning documentary about Amazonia.

Here you can find the winner video of the first contest:

For our second contest we have chosen a part of an Oscar-winning movie for the task, thanks to the wonderful producers of Son of Saul, and our contestants created amazing entries! We had over 400 applications, and in the end we could donate 1850 eur to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum.

In 2022 we have chosen an award-winning animation as a task, and it was a great success among our contestants, as they loved to try themselves out in a different genre.

For the 2023 contest we’re still searching for the right movie, but we’d really like to have a great, award-winning short, or a short part of a longer movie.

Also, it’s essential for us that the task would also shed light on an environmental/social issue just like our previous contests did. We’d choose the charity to support according to the theme as well.

Let me know what you think, as we are more than open to further forming this concept or sharing more information about the upcoming Score The World contest. 

Katie and Karlo